Le Courbée Rose - PRESALE

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This is the curvy one- She’s big, bold and oh so beautiful! The modern day renaissance woman, who is greatly admired for all of her beauty, curves and all! This curvaceous vase is the perfect statement piece for your home or office

This big booty lady features stunning medium sized pink toned florals with a small pink spear palm.

We lovingly make each arrangement using high quality preserved flowers that will last for many years to come.

Just one thing, due to the seasonality of florals, your final product may vary slightly in colour and the flowers we're able to find but rest assured it'll be beautiful regardless.
Size of your florals
This arrangement comes in a beautiful white booty shaped ceramic vase that is 13cm (H) x 9cm (D).  From the base of the pot to the tallest point measures about 25cm high.
This is currently a presale item. It varies on delivery time due to availability but it should take 3-6 weeks from your order being placed to receive your item. Once we know an estimated delivery time you will receive confirmation of this.